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Shenzhen Hendry Furniture Company Service

Publish Time: 2015-07-25
1. Strict-Quality Control to each procedure in production.

2. Quick and good service, we’ll revert to the customers within 1- 2 days after get their inquiry or questions.

3. Flexibility in production, SZHENDRY can do with customer’s requirements, no matter it is finish color, dimensions, quantity, style or fabrics.

4. Offering good suggestions and optionsin material and designs to customers for saving customers’ money, but keep same design idea that they want.

5. Professional team—when meeting the customers, sales and engineers work together closely to ensure providing correct information to customers, answering skillful questions from the customers.

6. Ensure the delivery date-SZHENDRY never takes back their promise about the delivery date as long as they promise the customers.

7. CAD shop drawings-SZHENDRY can offer professionable shop drawings with clients' images or sketches or description.

8. Good suggestions in shipping and packagesfor saving clients' money and products' safety.

9. After sales service-SZHENDRY has professional service person after sales, they will follow up the feedback or comments form customers, and offering good suggestions and finding best way to solve the problems to keeping the customers profit even if there are any issues.

10.Export license and commodity inspection license:SZHENDRY has own wooden furnitures commodity inspection license and export license,has professional export service persons.
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